I write this blog to connect with others through shared experience. It’s my way of reflection. Of creative expression. Of storing memories. Of getting it out. Moving on. Of giving comfort to those affected by similar experiences. and it’s one of my little contributions to spread love and acceptance in the world.

My writings are written through my eyes, the eyes of a mother. They are skewed, biased, full of emotion and humanity and because of this they will contain mistakes. I am a perfectionist about what I write, sometimes I change my mind or I think of a better way to convey something. So, my content may change over time. The time that my three loves require keeps me very busy so I do not regularly check the accuracy of links that I use or take time to monitor content that they lead to.

I write this blog from my experience. Some of the content touches on medical subjects, but I’d like to make it clear that nothing that I write is intended to be medical advice or a suggestion to try anything that I discuss. At most, what I write will hopefully serve as the beginnings of discussions between your team of licensed medical doctors, licensed therapists, and yourself. My intention is to do no harm with the things that I say. 

All of the content, including text and photographs, on this blog are my original work and my exclusive property and may not be used without my express written permission.



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