I am Jennifer. I am the mother of three children. I am a person who has experienced great tragedy. I am raising a son who has cerebral palsy… a son who was once healthy.

I am living my choice… to see the abundance around me despite what I have experienced. Everyday, I look for the beauty and the blessings that my son has come here to teach… even though he cannot speak, he is a powerful guide. I treasure the beauty of this life… this gift that we’ve all chosen.

I love community. I love friendship. I love the people in my life, and welcome those destined for my life. I love creativity. and moments. and stillness. I love observing the beauty of people and creation.

Health is extremely important to us. It makes me feel good to fuel our body with abundant nutrition. I tube feed my son with home blended tube feeding recipes that I create.

One of the first lessons that Karsten taught me is that labels have nothing to do with the emotion and the energy behind them. Jennifer. Jenny. Jen. Mommy… he doesn’t know my name. Or that, if he could… he would call me mom.

What he knows is love. How I make him feel. Happiness when I walk into the room. Laughter when I’m silly. Comfort when I take away his pain.

So, without all of the labels that define me…I am me. Just like you. A person, living life, seeking connection, and making sense of it all.

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2 thoughts on “Jennifer

  1. Your blog is amazing and I can only hope my wife can find some strength as you have. I know she will she loves our son so so much but she is still in shock that he was a healthy boy that turned this way. G6pd defficeintcy does not help either and although it’s early days I am convinced we have to learn a lot about food labels and ironically how people will label us now we have a “deficient ” son in their eyes not ours. Life is so shallow and as a dad I feel maybe I was before this happened I enjoyed the finer things in life a big house nice cars and many other shallow materialistic pointless gadgets. I have learnt that nothing is more important than health. Nothing matters anymore I do feel useless but in time I hope I am a force for good. My little Spartan is a fighter and so could have died at any time but he fought on, so must we. Your story inspires me so so much you should be proud if the good you do and I thank you for yor kind replies and advice!!! Although never a religious man I find myself seeing the angels in people and speaking to god very often lately who knows one day he may answer me either way I will not ignore him anymore and nor will I ignore ANY disabled person for as long as I live. Thank you again I hope to stay in touch as your story is so touching to the nerve. Michael x

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