I am Jennifer. I am a wife. I am the mother of three children. I am a person who has experienced great tragedy. I am raising a child with cerebral palsy… a child who was once healthy.

I am living my choice… to see the abundance that God places around me despite what I have been through. Each day, I look for the beauty and the blessings that my son has come here to teach…even though he cannot speak he IS a teacher. I admire the beauty of this life… this gift that we have all been given.

I love community. I love friendships. I love the people in my life. I love to be creative. I love moments. and stillness. I love looking for the beauty in people and creation.

I like to be healthy. It makes me feel good to fuel my body with abundant nutrition. I am tube feeding my son with homemade food.

One of the first lessons that Karsten taught me is that labels have nothing to do with the emotion and the energy behind them. Jennifer. Jenny. Jen. Babe. Mommy…He doesn’t know my name. Or that, if he could… he would call me mommy.

What he knows is love. How I make him feel. Happiness when I walk into the room. Laughter when I do something that is funny. Comfort when I fix something that hurts.

So, without all of those labels that define me…I am me. Just like you. A person, living life, seeking connection, and making sense of it all.

Thank you for visiting